Cocktail dress for fashionistas in their 60s

Attending events is the perfect opportunity to flaunt yourself. Such events would require you to be in your topmost form, where you get to showcase your vivacity. No matter how old you are, you would want to look your best. Fashion has no age and it is meant for everyone! Your gender, age, race, etc. are nowhere the preliminaries of fashion anymore. Your style is morphed as per your personality. The best thing about fashion is that it knows no boundaries and that pantsuit you were crushing on and weeping for at the same time doesn’t care if you are over 60. It is meant for anyone who has the confidence to wear it.

If you are attending an evening party, do not think of hiding under your church dress and pair it with a cardigan, instead, there are plenty of amazing dress for women over 60. Cocktail dresses are the popular choice when it comes to an evening party or a dinner date. And under no condition should you harbor a misconception that cocktail dresses are only meant for the younger lot.

Here are some of the popular cocktail dresses for women over 60 that you should definitely feast your eyes on.

  • The Little Black Dress with a twist- You can definitely wear an LBD for a dinner party but instead of opting for the color black, go for a brighter color like orange or lime green. These bright hues would add a sheen to your skin whereas black gives you a more matured look. So, exchange your LBD for an orange cocktail dress, since orange is the new black.
  • An Embellished Cocktail Dress- Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so why not have it on your dress? Choose a darker hue with contrasting embellishments. It would make you look appealing and mysterious at the same time
  • The A-line Cocktail Dress- This is one of the classic cocktail dresses that would never go out of style. Pair it with some nude pumps or a peep-toe stiletto and voila, you are ready for the party
  • Lace Cocktail Dress- Lace paired with any fabric radiates elegance, so why not opt for a lace cocktail dress. Lace is itself an accessory, so you wouldn’t have to fret over what accessories to wear
  • Full-sleeves Cocktail Dress- If you want to look chic and classy, opt for a long-sleeved knee-lengthed cocktail dress.

There are no rules when it comes to fashion and cocktail dresses would look elegant no matter how old you are. If you still lack conviction, think of the scene in one of the most popular movies of the last decade where an older woman and a teenager rocked the same dress in their own style!

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