Choosing the right suit for your interview

Suits are the best choice when it comes to formal occasions. If you’re attending a job interview, there is no attire better than a suit, because the first impression is a lasting one and an ill-fitting suit can com across as lazy or uninterested.

No one size fits all, so choose the suit based on your body type. The perfect suit is one that accentuates your positives and gives you confidence when wearing it.

Based on the occasion
Also, what type of suit to wear depends on the job you apply for . If you’re interviewing for a conservative job like investment banking or law, the color and type should be neutral. The traditional grey or navy suit is expected and encouraged in these industries. On the other hand, if you’re interviewing for a reception role, your clothes must reflect your vibrant personality.

The most popular women’s suit continues to be the skirt suit and the pantsuit. Pencil skirts continue to be in fashion. Pantsuits are gaining popularity as well. Skirt suits are versatile, with the ability to wear them as a separates as well. Miniskirts and shorts suit are not appropriate for most interviews. The ideal skirt length should be on the knee.

What color to choose is the next big question? Black, navy blue and charcoal grey are the most traditional choices. Just as a little black dress is a must-have, so is the black suit. The biggest advantage of having a black suit is that it is a whole lot easier to break it into separates. This works really well if you’re running on a tight budget. Also, once you start working, you can coordinate the separates as different outfits for each day at work.

Pick off the shelf or tailormade
Unlike a jacket, which can be a bit looser, a suit has to fit you like a glove. Of course, tailored suits are expensive, but worth the money if you have an impeccable style of dressing. Accessorizing a sharply tailored suit with heels, leather satchel, and minimal jewelry is all that is takes to make your presence felt.

Pick off the shelf suits that can fit into your budget. You can get these for under $150. You have a wide variety of destinations for a wide choice of inexpensive suits. You can also check out brand websites for deal discounts.

There are ample choices when it comes to women’s suits. Pick one that fits your body type and up your style quotient.

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