Choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of a home, and any theme or look that you are deciding for your home isn’t complete unless it is extended and established in the kitchen. In a way, kitchens can pose a challenge, because there are so many elements here by default there is the counter-top, the sink, shelves and cabinets, appliances and equipment, and to top it all, there is the challenge of establishing an overarching look that catches the eye, despite so many elements. You might have the perfect appliances, the proper flooring, the sideboards and everything. Have you given the kitchen backsplash panel a thought? Not only does it add to the beauty of the kitchen, it also has its practical uses. If you wish to opt for the perfect kitchen backsplash panel, keep reading.

You must first take into account how much space is available in your kitchen, and how much light it gets. Next, what are the key materials used? How much storage do you have, and need? Then, decide what you need to do. Does the look you have in mind require dramatic changes, or will small alterations and upgrades do the job? Once you know this, you are all set to start.

The rustic kitchen- Your counter-top is stone, or wooden butcher’s block. The cabinets are wood-finished too. A copper kettle or cast-iron skillet is prominently on display, and the sink is farmhouse-style. The kitchen backsplash panels must be suitably rustic in such cases faux-brick painted white, stone, or distressed wood.

The industrial kitchen- Lots of metal visible. The counter-top and sink are metal perhaps steel or copper. The appliances are finished with brushed steel, so, the kitchen backsplash panel has to be made of steel, or faux-tin, restaurant-style.

The retro kitchen Think pastel hues. Lacquer painted cabinets, or better still, use a floral curtain fabric fitted into the cabinet frames for a very retro-chic fee. Alternatively, you might like a floral wallpaper. For a more neutral look, small handmaid mosaic tiles will look great. In such cases, your kitchen backsplash panel must not be of a darker hue. It would give your kitchen a ghastly appearance. Opt for softer colors with floral prints on it.

Remember that whatever you do, it is important to ensure the look is consistent with the theme of the rest of the house. Generally, rather than starting entirely afresh, it is a good idea to ponder over what element you like in your kitchen, what you would like to keep, and then build the look around that element, so your new look still looks natural to the house.

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