Choose the best cell phone plans with Aarp

Receiving an e-mail from AARP welcoming you to the big 50 may not be the best thing you’d like to see on your 50th birthday (since that is sure to remind you of the fact that you’ve done half a century already), look at the positive side of things. You can now avail of one too many offers and discounts that AARP provides you with. A few among these are travel discounts, free help on issues related to tax, information on housing, financial planning, real estate, fantastic financial and insurance programs and so much more!

Among all of these, one of the best and most important benefits is the discounted cell phone plans. In fact, members registered with the organization are eligible for discounts as well as low-cost AARP cell phones for seniors. This is especially good for senior citizens who have low incomes to back them up. Cellular carriers tie up with AARP to provide senior citizens with some well-discounted calling plans. A few of these plans are as follow:

  • AT&T

Here, senior citizens are offered a 10% discount starting from their second bill cycle once they have submitted proof that states that they are active members of AARP. This is generally done by providing an authorized AT&T dealer with your AARP membership card before you are able to get your hands on one of the AARP cell phones for seniors.

  • Verizon

Although Verizon does not provide AARP cell phones for seniors, it does have a plan known as the Verizon Nationwide 65Plus Plan for senior citizens. This comes in the form of a two-year contract that is offered to senior citizens who are above 65 years of age. This plan has zero long distance calling charges and comes with unlimited national mobile-to-mobile minutes within the Verizon cellular network.

  • Cricket Wireless

When you buy a Cricket Wireless cell phone as a senior citizen, you receive a USD 20 Cricket Visa Promotion card. However, again, an active AARP membership at the time of buying the cell phone is necessary.

  • Consumer Cellular

One of the leading providers of AARP cell phones for seniors, Consumer Cellular is a service provider that offers some fantastic deals and discounts to members registered with them. Senior citizens can avail 30% discounts on their mobile phone accessories, apply for plans that start from as low as USD 10 per month, and so much more!

Being 50 may not be such a terrible thing after all.

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