Car rental choices in the USA

Are you new to the United States? Did you just move, or maybe you’re visiting as a tourist? When you’re new to the country, it may not be possible to go out and buy a car immediately, unless of course, if you’re on a holiday or work trip. While cabs and the Uber taxis are available, in terms of cost and convenience, a car rental makes the most sense. As a visitor then, one of the best options to get around, and make the most of the opportunity to explore and see the sights is to rent a car and drive yourself around.

Please keep in mind that the norm in the United States is automatic transmission, not manual. So, if you are interested specifically in renting a manual transmission vehicle, you should contact agencies in advance and make sure they have some options for you. It is quite unlikely that you will find manuals in the standard menu of any of the reputed car rental agencies.

The first and most obvious requirement is a driver’s license. While you don’t need to have an international driver’s license and can drive on a license issued in your home country for at least six months after you’ve come to the United States, the license should have the pertinent details in English, like age, date of birth, validity, and so on. If you’re traveling in a group or expect someone other than yourself to drive the car, they too must provide all their information and be registered with the rental car agency. Usually, the preferred age range for car renting is between 25 and 71 years of age there will be additional fees and requirements outside of that.

Most airports will have counters for car rentals, and you can drive right off from the lot from their airport location. This is especially convenient when you are on a short trip, arriving and departing from the same airport. Do note that most of the time, it is required that you return the car to the same spot you picked it up from, although some agencies do allow for a different drop-off. You should check with them at the time of booking, and also make sure you know what the additional costs are, if any, for pickup and drop at two different locations.

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