Can diabetes cause foot pain?

Do you face extreme pain in your legs, and feet-related issues like ulcers, calluses, toe infections? Have you ever wondered why that happens? Well, the root cause of the problem might be diabetes. If you haven’t tested for diabetes yet then maybe you should. Most patients who have diabetes suffer some sort of feet pain, mostly because of lower blood circulation and damaged blood vessels and peripheral nerves. In such cases, ask your healthcare provider for diabetic foot remedies.

What causes the pain?
Diabetes can cause two problems that can affect your feet.

  1. Diabetic neuropathy – This is a condition where the nerves in the foot get damaged because of uncontrollable high blood sugar levels. It leaves the foot numb, unable to feel heat, cold or pain. Ir also causes foot ulcers and the faulty alignment of the feet.
  2. Peripheral vascular neuropathy – This condition leads to hardening of the arteries because of poor blood circulation. It usually happens in arteries far from the heart and brain and results in lower oxygen delivery. Hence a cut or a sore takes more time to heal and in worse cases can also cause gangrene or tissue death.

Almost 80 per cent of people who have diabetes are affected by some form of foot problems and are likely to seek diabetic foot remedies.

What are the actual symptoms of diabetic foot pain?
The most common thing that people complain about in diabetic neuropathy is a feeling of numbness. One might feel a tingling sensation or a sharp pain shooting through the lower limbs. Patients even complain of increasing pain during night time and lack of good sleep. Diabetic foot remedies are a combination of therapies that intend to bring relief from the pain though it cannot completely provide relief from the symptoms.

What should you do?
Diabetic neuropathy can also be controlled with proper exercise and acupuncture. Keeping the blood sugar under control is one of the major goals to meet since this can also reduce the pain.

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