Buying the best clothing for your baby boy

In between feeding your baby, changing his clothes and soothing him when he cries, the last thing you want is to worry about the baby’s clothing. Baby clothing can be abrasive to your boy’s delicate skin if chosen incorrectly. Shopping for baby clothing can be quite daunting, particularly for new parents

Choosing clothes for baby boys is not just about buying any clothes that come in shades of blue. Various other factors are in play. These are some of the most important factors to consider.

Know how size varies
Sizing for the clothes of a baby boy can vary from one company to another, just like adults. You should buy clothes that you think will fit your baby rather than going for the size that claims to fit your baby. Check to see if they have a chart available, especially if you are buying online.

Buy in small numbers
Your little boy will grow fast and if you have a lot of clothing for a particular size, it will be wasted. This tip also applies to baby boys that are not born yet. Let your friends know that you want limited clothing gifts for your baby at your baby shower.

When you are not able to decide the size
When in doubt, go with the larger one. Babies, be it a girl or a boy tend to go overnight. You are always free to roll up the sleeves or tuck in the large t-shirts between growth spurts.

Opt for soft fabrics
Newborn babies have very sensitive skin. According to most experts, cotton clothes are best for babies although soft cotton blends also work well. If budget is not a constraint for you, then you can go for organic cotton which is softer than either of the two. Sometimes, baby boy clothing will not have tags since this seems to cause irritation for some babies. The washing instructions and size will be printed on the back of the neck.

Consider how easy or difficult it is to put on the clothing
For a wriggly baby boy, buttons can be the most frustrating object on the planet to the parents. In such cases, zippers and snaps are the best choices. You can even go for those brands which have magnetic straps for eliminating the hassles of zipper jams. You should opt for snaps and stretchy neck holes at the collar so that you can slide the cloth gently and easily over your baby boy’s head.

These tips will help you to choose the best clothing for your little boy. Make sure it is not only comfortable but easy to take off and clean.

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