Buying guide for clothes of baby boy

It is both difficult and exciting to buy clothes for babies, whether you’re buying for yourself or a gift for someone else. There are various sizes and clothing guidelines which you can follow as new parents. Here are some important tips that you should follow to choose the best clothing for your baby boy.

Choosing The Right Size
This is the most important aspect when selecting the right clothing for baby boys. The 5-zero size is for an absolute newborn boy who weighs about 2kg. It is unlikely that a full term baby will ever need this clothing size. Also, this size is very uncommon but you may get them in popular online stores.

The 4-zero size is for newborn baby boys who weigh around 3 kg. This size will be ideal for babies up to about 1 or 2 months. The triple-zero size is for baby boys who are up to 3 months old and weigh about 6 kg.

The double zero size can be for babies who weigh around 6 kg. This is the size your boy will wear as he starts on solid food and explore his surroundings. Babies aged over 9 months should fit size 0 clothes.

Choosing The Best Design
You should buy comfortable clothes such as grow suits, which will allow access to nappies. Even though you are looking for clothes for a boy, it would be economical to go for gender-neutral colors. If you’re planning another child (eventually) it may be a little girl. To save expense, neutral colors can be re-used.
Think of the functionality of clothing. While tiny checked shirts are miniature jeans may be super cute, they are fiddly to put on and off. Onesies are excellent for diaper changing and still, allow your baby to move around freely.

Choose Between Press Studs And Buttons
Clothing with press studs is much easier to handle compared to buttons. It is particularly useful at the middle of the night when you may be fumbling in the dark to fasten clothing. Though zips are quite popular, they can buckle a bit and make the clothing uncomfortable to some extent.

Shoes, mittens, and hats are all essential baby wear. Keeping your child’s extremities warm is important as when first born, they struggle to regulate their own temperature. In summer, cotton hats and booties are ideal, while in winter, knitted accessories are perfect for extra layers of warmth.

These few tips will help you choose the perfect clothing for your baby boy. As a parent you know what’s right for your little bundle of joy, a few important tips will help you make an informed decision.

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