Which Columbia jacket is best for you?

Selecting the right ski jacket can be an overwhelming choice. It can be the difference between enjoying the slopes or getting wet and miserable in the cold. Head into Columbia and check out their selection, and choose a jacket right for you. There are numerous aspects that you must be watchful of when buying a jacket. Will you be skiing or snowboarding, or both? How much time will you spend wearing the jacket? All these factors play a very important role in deciding which Columbia jacket will be the right fit.

Features you must take into consideration
Think about how you will be using the Columbia jacket. Will you need it all day? You can then determine which jacket will serve your needs. You can buy premium quality Columbia jackets in both online stores, as well as brick and mortar shops in your city.

When you are selecting your ski jacket, you should read the accompanying information and look at all the specifications given. This information will equip you with all the necessary information for making the right purchase. So, here are a few points that you need to know.

Waterproof vs water-resistant
A waterproof Columbia jacket is made from materials that stop water entry, and they have taped seams. If you feel that you may fall many times in the snow, this type of jacket might be right for you. The makers measure the fabric for how waterproof it is and provide a rating. This rating is given in the tag of every Columbia jacket.

On the other hand, some jackets can resist snow and water, but they are not actually waterproof. Such variants are known as water-resistant jackets, and they keep you dry, to a degree. These jackets are suitable for light snowfall, but when you are in a blizzard, it is good to go with the waterproof jackets.

The ability of the material to breath
Any breathable material helps moisture to escape, which is really important for those who are active. A ski jacket should allow perspiration to wick away. If not, the wearer may get cold and damp within short notice. You should look for jackets that have pit zippers under the arms, where moisture accumulates. Fit And Comfort Of The Jacket

It is crucial that you invest in a Columbia jacket that fits you properly without being too loose or tight. A snugly fitted jacket will stay in position no matter how much you move while skiing or snowboarding. Moreover, you should opt for the jacket that has a hood and collar for covering your neck. A jacket with drawstrings and a high collar will go a long way to ensuring you stay warm and dry, especially if it’s raining.

These few tips will definitely help you choose the best Columbia jacket for enjoying your weekend snowboarding and skiing.

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