Budget travel like a pro

When you are planning a vacation or a trip, do you often find yourself wondering how you are going to afford it all? Or are you a wanderer at heart who is confined to the back yard because you think you cannot afford to zoom off to all those beautiful destinations, which seem outside your reach? Well, then it is time for you to get introduced to a niche called budget travel.

With budget travel, you can log on to various websites in search of cheap accommodations, cheap air travel fares, and many other such elements that will help you create a successful budget travel plan. Here is a quick list to implement your plan!

Set a realistic budget: Before you actually start traveling or even do your bookings, it would be a good idea to set a budget that would be realistic. For this, you will need to take in various costs like travel fares, accommodation, conveyance, sightseeing and food, among other factors. Do a little bit of research on the destination you are planning to go to by logging on to the various question and answer forums. Once you have a daily budget, convert this into your currency and then multiply with the number of days that you will be on the go. If this figure matches a reasonable spend as far as your savings and earnings go, then you can go ahead and book the holiday.

Sign up for updates and alerts: One of the best ways to plan and do the bookings so that you can enjoy budget travel is to sign up for emailers and newsletters of the various airlines and travel portals. You can also sign up for accommodation portals like Air Bnb so that you have a fair idea of what to expect even as you get constant alerts for the best deals that have to do with your preferred destination. This will help you make good use of the best prices and even coupons or codes that you can avail for the trip.

Buy direct, fly direct: You can buy your air tickets directly online from the airlines. This will help you in getting the best deals even as you get constant updates about the upcoming destinations in the various travel seasons. This will also help you in creating a budget travel plan.

Railway passes versus stop by stop: When you are on the go in a new place, find out if it will be cheaper to get a railway pass for the duration of your stay, or if it will be cheaper to get a stop by stop fare. Ditto for buses! This will help you stick to your budget travel plan as well.

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