5 handy tips to pick the right water softener

Hard water is a common problem all around the country. It can cause skin dryness and damage appliances that use water, but you can use water softeners to overcome this problem. If you’re heading out to buy one, here are some handy tips to help you pick the right water softener in 2021.

Check the hardness levels
It’s important to check the water hardness levels before deciding whether you want a water softener. There are several ways to check the water hardness levels:

  • Check the USGS hardness map of the country and identify your area’s water hardness levels
  • Buy a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) testing kit and check the water hardness levels yourself
  • Get in touch with a professional who provides a lab report of water hardness levels

Once you test the levels, you can know how efficient and powerful your water softener must be.

Consider your daily water usage
A softener’s grain capacity tells you how much water it can handle. The relationship between softener size and water requirement is simple. A softener with a grain capacity of 20,000+ will work if you have a small family and two bathrooms, while a softener with a grain capacity of 30,000+ is ideal for larger families. Consider this factor before you pick one of the top water softeners of 2021.

Decide whether you want a filtration system
Some may not be happy with just a water softener, especially if the water is used for cooking or drinking. In such cases, you can pick water softeners with a filtration system added.

Decide on your budget
The higher the grain capacity, the more expensive your water softener will be. Water softeners are a one-time investment, so experts suggest that you spend a little more money, if needed, and pick a high-capacity model. The cost of water softeners and installation comes up to an average of $1,500.

Take into account maintenance costs and efforts
You must care for your water softener for it to last long. You have to maintain the salt levels as they get used up and also clean the resin bed once or twice a year. You can hire a professional if you’re unsure of how to do it, but it will add to your expenses.

Remember these simple tips to help you pick the right water softener in 2021.

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