Best things to get at a winter clearance sale

The winter might have just started, but the retail industry slowly prepares for the coming spring season. Various spring wear is arranged to flood the stores, and the store manager is put under pressure to make space for the new incoming and clear out the existing inventory. Stores hold massive winter wear sales during this time by offering huge discounts to clear the stock and liquidate as much as possible prior to the new arrival. Winter wears like winter coats, fur coats, wool jackets, wool coats, boots and many seasonal wears are sold at a lower price to make room for chinos, polos, and various spring wear either online or at the store.
Let us take a look at some of the best fur coats and winter coats on clearance sale online.

  • Pink rabbit fur sweater
    As the name suggests, this coat is made up of dyed rabbit fur. The coat has fur on both the sides. The coat is unlined as it is light in weight and it is made in a general size for all. This sweater is apt for winter which provides great comfort and warmth. The original price is around  $479.95 but they are available at a discounted price.
  • Fox fur jacket
    This winter fur jacket is available online and is made up of genuine fox fur. The coat gives a soft, silky feel. The coat has front closures with four hidden hooks. The coat comes with side pockets and has a large fox fur collar. The coat has a satin lining and is available only in plus size for ladies. This jacket can withstand the winter season and is an excellent winter coat that will not only keep you warm but also give you an aesthetic appeal. The coat costs around $970, but with discount, it is available at $500.
  • Black sectioned mink jacket with fox collar
    This coat is carved out of mink fur and gives a silky and smooth feel. The coat adorns a large fox fur collar and has four hidden snap clip front fasteners. The cuff of this coat is made up of fox fur and gives a rich feel. They are the perfect winter coat which provides comfort and warmth to the wearer. This coat is available for ladies in small size only. The fur coat is available online and at certain stores. The original price is around $1200, and after discount, it will be available for about $600.

Keeping track of the inventory cycle and the change in season can help a buyer find some exciting deals and get some real decent winter wear at discounted prices. One can make the best out of the winter clearance sale.

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