Best theme parks in the US

Going on a holiday with your family includes indulging in various activities that all the members of the family would enjoy. While most people like sightseeing or finding out more about the place that they are visiting, one will also have to take care of the needs of the children so that they remain entertained. Adventure sports and theme parks are some of the best ways in which the entire family can have fun together. There are a number of theme parks all over the country where one can have a good time and relax as a family. It is a misnomer that only children can have a good time at such places. Most theme parks in America give the entire family a chance to indulge in various activities that can be fun for all age groups. Read on to find out more about our pick of the top theme parks of the country.

Disneyland: Walt Disney World, or Disneyland as it is popularly known, is one of the most magical places as per people who have been there! This is one of the best known theme parks that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Based on Florida, this theme park has been replicated in other parts of the world as well. One of the most popular attractions of this place includes the Magic Kingdom and Fantasy Land where castles of various Disney characters have been recreated. You can also enjoy beautiful fireworks at night along with various characters like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Little Mermaid and many others!

Epcot: This is a space station theme park in Florida, which caters to all age groups. At this theme park, the Mission: Space section is one of the most popular ones. This can be found in the Future World area, which is close to the World Showcase section. Apart from many futuristic rides, one can also enjoy world cuisine here. You can also test the limits of adrenaline by indulging in high speed efficiency tests for various vehicles and automobiles from around the world. Various kinds of innovations are showcased here, which makes it one of the most interesting and informative places as far as theme parks go.

Universal Studios: This is yet another gem from Florida. At Universal Studios, one can enjoy the 3D world of movies as they come alive with much action and excitement. The various light, sound and visual effects will absolutely floor you each and every time. Recently, this studio has launched the World of Wizardry, which celebrates the popular Harry Potter series. This makes it one of the most entertaining theme parks in America where you can indulge in the magical world of the movies. Here, you can also find people parading as the biggest stars from the yesteryears and the modern times as well. Watch out for a number of live shows that play at this theme park.

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