Best places to buy plus size clothing

The need for fashionable clothing for women who are sizes bigger than 12 has been heard loud and clear and there are many luxury brands that now have clothing for this segment. These brands did not cater to this segment of women who are more than a size 12, which unfortunately is more than half the women in the country.

There are now quite a number of brands that have some good choices for women above size 12 or even larger than the average 16 and at very affordable prices as well. These brands are ASOS Curve, Carmakoma, Violeta by Mango, Forever 21, ModCloth, Torrid, Evans, H&M, Old Navy Plus, Monif C., American Rag, Fashion to Figure, Lucky Brand Plus, Pure Energy and Eloquii.

The clothes available from these brands are available in styles like office wear, partywear, trendy, vintage, retro, chic, glamorous, bohemian and classic. There’s something for everyone and there’s ample choice as well.

Just like average sizes have a body type, those larger than the average also can fall under these specific body types namely – hourglass, busty, apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, round and diamond. You should find your body type before buying clothes for yourself so you can buy the most accurate ones that fit and accentuate your body type.

Even top designers now have started designing and making plus size clothing so that women of every body type can experience wearing these brands. This inclusion is quite welcome because earlier women who were larger than average were constricted to only certain brands or tailor made clothes that wouldn’t have the same cut and style as these that were designed by high end designers.
Plus size clothes are more easily available online with some sites being dedicated to this particular segment. It is also now increasingly being available online. The return and exchange policies depend on the seller, so be sure to read the fine print of their policies.

Apart from plus sizes being available for men and women there are plus sizes available for kids and tweens as well.

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