Best Pain Management Physicians in the Country

Pain management is a significant problem. More than one-third of the country’s population suffers from one form of pain or the other. Most often, to counter this pain, people opt to take opioids as a pain medication. What they fail to realize is that opioids are highly addictive and while they do kill the pain, they end up killing people as well. Over 40% of all adults turn to opioids for pain management. Before taking any medication, it is best to visit pain management doctors. They are highly experienced and can help you greatly. Here are a few of the best pain management physicians in the country:

Best pain management doctors

Salahadin Abdi, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston) 

  • Dr. Abdi is one of the top pain management doctors in the country.
  • He is the director of the pain center at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • He is also an associate professor of anesthesiology at the Harvard Medical School, Boston.
  • He is also the Director of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and Professor of clinical anesthesiology at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine.

Sairam Atluri, MD (Tri-State Spine Care, Cincinnati) 

Dr. Atluri is one of the best pain management doctors in the country.

  • He is highly renowned and is the director of the Tri-State Spine Care Institute, Cincinnati.
  • He has also served as the Vice President of the Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.
  • He has published on the screening for opioid abuse in the treatment of chronic pain. He presented his research at the annual meeting for the American Pain Society.
  • He earned his medical degree from Osmania Medical College, India and completed his residency at Cincinnati’s University Hospital in anesthesia and pain management. His contribution to medicine in Cincinnati has been immense.

There are several alternative treatment options to opioids and pain management physicians can help you treat your pain. Opioid overdose contributed to the death of over 125,000 people in the last 3 years. The numbers are damning. To put this into perspective, that is an average of over 100 deaths per day. Scientists are researching better pain management medications at the moment. Meanwhile, you can visit one of the best pain management doctors mentioned on this list and seek the treatment you need.

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