Best gaming laptop in 2017

It is extremely difficult to find a pc laptop or the latest laptop that would be the best laptop for gaming especially if on a strict budget. Gaming laptops have their prices on the higher side as the main attribute of the laptop is the graphic processing unit. The latest laptop for the model in the product line, the higher the 3D performance of that model. Picking a processor is also essential to the laptops use. As gaming is an experience, you can go for larger displays or at least a full HD screen. Larger displays are capable of giving you a better experience. A QHD+ display might boost the cost of the latest laptop. It is also essential to keep in mind that its system with an SSD will help you boot time and load a new level quicker. These laptops should also feature good memory space with at least 8 GB RAM.

Dell Alienware is the best laptop for top high-end gaming with a strong build and attractive customized lightning. It features an eye tracking. The laptop has plenty of storage and has a strong array of ports. The cost of this laptop is extremely expensive, but the configurations make it one of the best laptop. It weighs 9.7 pounds and is not travel-friendly. The loud fans and the short battery life are a miss on the laptop. It does deliver a high-end gaming experience. It features a 16 GB RAM for smooth gaming. It is one of the most popular picks in laptop reviews on the tech websites on the internet.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus is an ultraportable laptop powered by Intel core i7 processor. The laptop reviews give this particular pick good reviews as it has a processing speed of 2.8 GHz with a 16 GB RAM. The big display of 15.6 inches helps you give a gaming experience and is latest laptop design to buy.

Competing is the dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop that acts as a desk replacement laptop with value. The 8 GB RAM is lower to the other models but the battery rundown of 11 hours is extremely impressive in comparison to the others. The Nvidia GeForce powered processor helps you get a good gaming experience. It is very affordable as a gaming laptop but significantly lacks the storage capacity. IT is difficult to find the latest laptop for gaming at this budget price.

The HP Omen 17 has an attractive pricing with a 4K display. It delivers a strong gaming experience and provides a high storage capacity. It is appealing in design and is relatively slim. The laptop is cheap and features a plastic body that may not be the best bit. The touchpad is not extremely sensitive that can sometimes create hurdles in the gaming experience. Overall it is a midrange price and therefore, a laptop pc for a good gaming experience.

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