Best DNA Tests to Trace Your Ancestry

Do you want to learn about your family’s history? Are you in search of your living relatives? A DNA test can successfully help you find out about your ancestry. These DNA tests will give you information about your genetic genealogy as well. Along with helping you learn about your ancestry and ethnicity, these tests also give you the opportunity to learn about different health factors.

Usually, DNA tests are of three types.

  • mtDNA tests – It helps in tracing your maternal lineage.
  • Y-DNA tests – This is the perfect DNA test for learning about your paternal lineage.
  • Autosomal tests – It checks the autosomal DNA and offers a clear view on one’s ethnic heritage.

Depending on the information you are looking for, you can opt for one of these types of test. Here is a list of the best DNA tests for tracing your ancestry.

  • AncestryDNA™
    By far, with the biggest database and extensive community support for active users, AncestryDNA test is very popular for identifying one’s ethnic origin. Also, for adoptees, AncestryDNA is an attractive option. This test offers the best results for people with African, Native American, and Jewish ethnicities. You can easily export the data elsewhere as well. Additionally, GEDmatch, a genomics database, also accepts these results, and you will be able to interact with others as well as get access to genetic tools.
  • 23andMe
    This DNA test is one of the most famous names in the field of tracing one’s ancestry. If you are interested in both health and ancestry, this is the best test that you can pick. 23andMe DNA kits carry out mtDNA and Y-DNA tests. Moreover, it allows you to export the testing data elsewhere for use as well. Even here, third-party databases such as GEDmatch accept this testing data.
  • Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)
    If your objective is finding and studying the maternal and paternal haplogroups along with conducting some serious research on the genealogical results, FTDNA is the best DNA kit for you. This DNA test offers powerful tools that are very effective for exploring Jewish ancestry, and it is useful for adoptees as well. One can upload data from other providers as well. Exporting data elsewhere for use is also allowed in this test.

Apart from the aforementioned DNA tests that are trending in the country, the list will be incomplete without mentioning the following DNA test kits.

  • Living DNA
  • TeloYears®
  • MyHeritage DNA
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