An overview on getting Steam wallpapers

We all love having attractive wallpapers on our computer and laptop screens, especially with the kind of time spent on these devices. Therefore, it is no surprise that any platform or service offering eye-catching designs is immediately popular. One place where you can source some cool wallpapers is through Steam. Here, we will take you through a few important things that you need to know about finding and applying the best Steam wallpapers.

Finding Steam wallpapers
To begin with, simply go to Google and search for ‘best Steam wallpapers.’ You should get several results on the first page itself and can click on the link to the Steam community.

What is Steam?
For the uninitiated, Steam is a platform for creating, talking about, and playing games. You can access a wide variety of games online, interact with other gamers, and get a chance to release your own game.

  • Where to find the wallpapers
    Once you have reached the Steam community page online, go to the tab bar at the top and click on the ‘Community’ option. Once you do that, a drop-down box will appear where you have to select the option that says ‘Market.’ Then, you will be redirected to a page that has games for you to buy. On the right-hand corner of the page, you will see a search bar. You can type ‘wallpapers’ in that search bar for a list of options to appear.
  • Getting your wallpaper
    Scroll through the list of wallpapers that pop up. Not all Steam wallpapers are free and in fact, some of the best options are chargeable. However, you need not worry, as the costs are pretty nominal. Many wallpapers cost less than $1. While some of them can cost more, it is still not a burden on the pocket.
  • Trading with a friend
    One of the interesting aspects of the Steam community is that you can trade with a friend too. So, you can end up getting a wallpaper of your liking for free. You can also ask around in the community and see if a friend has a wallpaper that they no longer need.
  • Selling your purchase
    This is another feature you need to be aware of. You can sell your wallpaper back on the Steam market. However, there is a timeline that you need to adhere to. For instance, once you get a particular wallpaper, you cannot trade it or list it on the Steam Community Market for one week.
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Steam wallpaper
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