All you need to know about the new T-mobile plan for seniors

If you are 55 years old or more and are looking for a suitable mobile plan, then you have a reason to rejoice. T-Mobile has recently announced a new plan for seniors; and trust us, it is one of the best senior mobile phone plans that you may have ever heard of. With the new plan, you will be entitled unlimited calls as well as chatting, all at a budget price.

Read on to know some of the key details of one of the most sought-after senior mobile phone plans.

  • What is the name of the plan?

The plan is called T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+.

  • What does the plan offer?

It offers unlimited 4G LTE data, talk, as well as text along with all the other T-Mobile ONE benefits. It offers the services for two lines.

  • What is the cost of the plan?

The plan is available for USD 60 per month. This price includes taxes and fees and is calculated after applying the AutoPay discount. The first line costs USD 50 while the second one costs USD 10.

  • How much does it cost without AutoPay?

If you are not eligible for the AutoPay discount, then you will have to pay USD 5 extra for each line.

  • Can I buy a third line on this plan?

This plan is applicable for a maximum of two connections. For the third one, you will need to browse through other plans.

  • Who is eligible for this plan?

Anyone who is aged 55 years or more and has a valid age proof is eligible for this plan. The plan is available for new and existing T-Mobile postpaid customers.

  • Do both the members need to be 55 years old?

This plan requires only the primary member to be 55 years old. The age proof is also asked from one person only.

  • How do I avail of this plan?

Anyone who is interested in registering for this plan should visit a nearby T-Mobile store. Existing customers may even get it done through a phone call.

What are you waiting for? Choose one of the best senior mobile phone plans and enjoy all the unlimited benefits.

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