Advantages of cloud computing for small businesses

A business software is responsible for quantifying and increasing the productivity of an establishment. Business software is designed specifically on the basis of the requirement of a particular company; therefore a specific business has a specific software.

Cloud computing is a convenient way of accessing different computer applications via internet started by Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing is an Internet-based platform through which the user can access a range of applications and software and use storage and power from anywhere without buying or managing their own servers. Cloud computing management is designed for monitoring the applications and the services of cloud computing products. Cloud computing solutions are beneficial for all kind of small businesses in various ways. Cloud computing service providers are responsible for managing these services and perform all possible maintenance required like sending emails, documentation, stopping and recovering data, keep back up, and audio and video streaming. All these services of cloud computing come under three main categories: Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, Platform as a service, or PaaS, and Software as a service, or SaaS. Because of the following major advantages, cloud computing is the best solution for a small business. The following factors make cloud computing advantageous for small businesses.

  • Cost effective
    Cloud computing is cost effective and convenient, there is no capital cost of buying hardware and software. For a small business, cost effectiveness is very important for progress and cloud computing is a very good option for such a goal.
  • Security
    Cloud computing is safer than many other computing software for businesses. Cloud computing providers upgrade their security system regularly and they take all aspects of advanced security measures. Their services run on a worldwide network of regularly updated multiple secure data centers rather than a single data center. Hence, in cloud computing, information of an organization can be accessed safely without any destructive attack.
  • Easy accessibility
    Cloud computing is an Internet-based platform, it allows to manage everything from any device from any location. Through cloud computing, employees can work outside the workspace, not necessary to go office regularly for a particular work and this is very helpful for a small business.
  • Reliability
    For a business, it is harder to get the success again after losing important data, and cloud computing is the preferable option for that. It includes disaster recovery, data back up at minimal cost.

Because of all these reasons cloud computing solutions small business and offers the excellent way to continue a small business successfully. The popularity of the cloud computing is increasing day by day and it is predicted that by 2020, 78% of small businesses will be operated through cloud services.

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