Add a unique touch to your backyard patio with pavers

Have enough space in the garden of your home and wondering what to do with it? Then you should experiment with some backyard patio designs. If you seem perplexed with the myriad of backyard patio designs, then you can opt for pavers. They are easy on the eyes and extremely versatile in terms of patterns. Besides concrete pavers are durable, cheap and easy to maintain. Here are a few points that you might wish to consider below adding pavers to your patio.

Dig deep
Creating your own backyard patio designs is a one-time investment so why not make it worth it? Before the installation of concrete pavers for your backyard patio, make sure it has a good solid base. To get the best results for the money, time and effort spent, it would be advisable to dig down to at least 6 inches to enhance the durability of the patio floor. In addition to being sturdy, the base or floor of the patio also needs to be smooth for the pavers to be laid out evenly.

Source of drainage
You would not want water to accumulate in your beautiful backyard patio, would you? So ensure that the drainage infrastructure facilitates an unobstructed flow from the patio. It is advisable that for every two feet that has been drilled, a quarter inch drop for drainage should be considered.

Edge in the pavers
No one wants moving and unstable pavers as a base for backyard patio designs. To avoid accidents due to unsteady pavers, make use of edging. This can be achieved by using cement and metal edging. These materials would also prevent weeds from springing up between the paver blocks.

It is beneficial to install a patio that is not only cost-effective but also requires little or no maintenance. The use of pavers for the patio floor makes this possible. Usually, repairs are rare, but you’ll just need to replace the pavers which are worn or broken.

There are various kinds of paver blocks available in the market. Select the type of paver blocks that suits your need and fits in with the patio you have in mind.

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