Accessory – Style statement for classes and masses

According to one publication, wrist watches are not only timekeeping devices anymore. They have started acting more of a fashion statement and an ornamental accessory. These devices have really come a long way and can spruce up your personality instantly. A wrist watch has emerged as a style statement from just being a plain time or day telling object.

Talking from the angel of style or a fashion statement wrist watches can be categorized as designer watches, fashion watches, and replica watches. Designer wristwatches are those devices which are exclusively crafted or designed to generate some style statement among the crowd. These are expensive timepieces and, usually, fall under the luxury collection of the people. Fashion watches are also made to create a fashion statement among friends and family members, but they can be treated trendier and are priced reasonably. Replica watches are the imitation of fashion and designer categories, but they are really affordable and they have not been manufactured or designed by well-reputed brands in the watch industry as a designer or fashion watches.

Brands like Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Jean Dunand, Swatch, Jaeger Le Coultre, Wenger, Bvlgari, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux etc. are some of the most reputed and exclusive designer brands worldwide. According to a survey report world’s richest personalities have been seen flaunting Patek Philippe watches while other important dignitaries seem to love their Rolex, Omega collection. Most of the popular celebrities and famous people can be notice advertising about their precious timepieces which are studded with stones and have unique features. For example, Omega wrist watches modeling by actors like Nicole Kidman, Amitabh Bachchan, and Cindy Crawford etc. These are really expensive timepieces and are some of the brands are priced around $6000 to $21000 on an average.

The most popular Swiss watch industry have pioneered the art of manufacturing and selling fashionable watches. A new trend in the wristwatch industry has started when Swatch came up with an affordable and designer version of its previous versions in the 1980 and took the whole watch world by storm. At present, brands like DKNY, Gucci, Fossil, Guess, Burberry, B.Fendi etc. are well-known brands in fashionable wristwatches. These brands keep on introducing new collections in accordance with the customer’s requirements and tastes. They are priced around $2000 which is lower and affordable when compared to designer collections.

There are so many options to choose from. From muted colors like charcoal, white or black to the vibrant neon range, from metal, steel, leather bands to plastic, chain bands, from a watch made of steel, gold to wood or stone studded. All you have to do is to pick your favorite watch.

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