A Variety Of Options In Murphy Beds To Choose From

Murphy beds are for those who have a space problem in their house. If you have a small house or the bedroom is getting cramped, decluttering is not the solution. But the solution can definitely be a Murphy bed. It is something that has been conceptualized to reduce clutter and improve the organization. Bed frames that are connected to a big shelving unit which can flip upwards and can be stored against a wall of your room are called Murphy beds. There are different kinds of Murphy beds. The designs and varieties are designed to suit the space in your house, your tastes, and your need for decluttering. Murphy beds are suitable for basements, studios, lofts, children’s rooms, vacation homes, and offices.

Bed in a Closet
Murphy beds have been around for decades. Since, their conceptualization, Murphy beds have evolved in various designs and shapes. “Bed in a closet”, being the original one has not lost its popularity. It can be flipped up vertically and can be moved into a closet very easily. It can be stacked against the wall as well. These days you will find Murphy beds to be flipped up into a shelving unit. This is a great idea because it does not need to be concealed in a closet separately when flipped up. The storage space makes the concept more appealing due it is organizational capabilities.

Closet Doors
If you want your Murphy bed to be more disguised and concealed then you can go for the variety that offers you a pair of closet door as well. Once you have lifted the bed and stored in the bed frame, close the closet doors to hide the underside of the Murphy bed. Most Murphy beds would have a bed frame at the bottom that matches the exterior of the bed frame. An added pair of closet doors would make the Murphy bed resemble a closet rather than a big wooden slab pasted against the wall.

The Bed Sofa
This popular design is self-explanatory. As soon as you flip up the bed, a nice seating area emerges. When the same is flipped down, the seating area goes beneath the bed. This is the best option for studio apartments or guest rooms.

Do It Yourself
This is also a popular option. People who want to save some money can go for this. If you are somewhat good with this kind of job or into Do-It-Yourself gigs, you would find this great. There are several furniture stores that sell DIY kits which include all the necessary hardware and tools along with clear instructions to create your own Murphy beds. There are blueprints and instruction kits available on the Internet as well.

Everything in One
Believe it or not, there is a possibility that all your furniture can be packed into a Murphy bed. This variation can include the bed frame, cabinets, a desk, a couch, bookshelves, a craft table, etc. There are many outlets which can custom design a Murphy bed as per your tastes and requirements.

Things to consider
While shopping for a Murphy bed, things that you need to keep in mind include-

  • Lift Mechanism
    This variety of bed needs a bit of upper body strength to lift up and down. Depending on your age, you can choose to go for spring lift Murphy bed or piston lift Murphy bed.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Murphy beds
    Horizontal Murphy beds are ideal for small spaces and vertical ones are most suited for rooms with high ceilings.
  • Built-in vs Freestanding
    If you own a house then you should go for the built-in option. However, if you are staying in a rented apartment, it is ideal to go for a free standing Murphy bed.
  • Revolving Option
    Revolving Murphy bed is a reality now and you can enjoy daytime library to midnight relaxation when you go for this one.
  • Bonus Murphy Bed
    Murphy beds are great for offering relaxation to animals as well. If you have pets, go for this easy to maintain, space saving and de-clutter option.
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