A guide on how to get your hands on cheap tickets for super bowl 2018

The markup of the seat prices is quite a regular affair when it comes to the super bowl. The tickets this time are around are being priced between $950 to $5000. The markup, in this case, is significantly high as the regular season ticket that gives you access to 10 games is priced at $4000. This means that the markup pricing for the seats is already at $17,500. The so-called “nosebleed” seats, which surround the upper rim of the stadium will cost $950 as compared to the season ticket package of 10 games, that the fans usually buy for $500 per seat.

However, the super bowl is an even that probably deserves this kind of markup of the prices. The regular games will not have an international celebrity performing at the halftime show. This adds major potential to the value of the ticket. Read along to find out how you can get your hands on cheap super bowl 2018 tickets, and some extra information.

With the sale already under process and a major chunk of tickets being sold, the best bet for you is to buy tickets from the resale market. This market is also known as the secondary ticket industry. The super bowl tickets are power-packed with safety features which makes it almost impossible to duplicate. This is also helpful for the people that are buying tickets from the secondary ticket industry. The safety features include a thermal ink and an advanced hologram technology. Buying tickets from the reputable sellers is just about safe enough for you to put your money on the table.

With the tickets prices at an ultimate high and the price markup being an astounding amount, it is quite natural for you to look at other avenues that will get you cheap super bowl tickets. As much as we want you to get your hands on the cheapest possible tickets, you must also make sure you are looking at avenues that enable you to a good customer service and are able to solve any questions you might have about the event. For your own safety, you should probably have your copy of the seating chart and know your seats well before the date of the event.

When you are booking the tickets, make sure you are sure about the following things:

  • Whether you want zone seats or specific seats.
  • Which is the ideal time to buy the tickets
  • Do you trust your source? Even if you are getting cheap tickets, and you don’t trust the source. Don’t go for it.
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