7 tips to prepare a gluten-free pastry crust recipe

If you are looking for a gluten-free pastry crust recipe, many gluten-free recipes that you will find online do not tend to hold their shape and crumble easily when put into a pie dish.

the following tips and pointers will help you make your own gluten-free pastry crust that is made out of tender, buttery and a flaky pie.

  • Do not convert a recipe a wheat based recipe into a gluten-free recipe.
    Pastry crust recipes that are wheat based are not as same as their gluten-free versions. Because they contain gluten, they need different ratios of flour and liquid. You might need to add xanthan gum or some ingredient that will substitute gluten and keep the crust pliable and easy to roll out.
  • Avoid using food processor for mixing the ingredients
    It is highly recommended to use hands to knead the mixture into a dough instead of using a food processor. Kneading the dough using hands will always give a more flaky and delicate result.
  • Double crusts can be tough be prepare
    The toughest part in preparing a gluten-free pastry crust can be the formation if crust. This is because of the delicate procedure to prepare a double crust. If you are not well versed with the delicate procedure, start kneading with small quantities to avoid wastage until you are comfortable with the procedure.
  • Make sure that you are using cold butter
    Cold butter is your fiend when preparing the dough for gluten-free pastry crust. Butter helps making the crust of the pastry lighter and flakier, making it easier to work with.
  • Chilling is an important procedure when preparing the dough of the crust
    It is very important to chill the pie before rolling it out in the form of crust. This is to ensure that the butter stays cold and does not melt. Once the dough is prepared, wrap it into plastic or a wax paper to hold the dough together and let it chill for at least an hour or even for a day.
  • Test the crust first
    Not because this might be your first time trying out a gluten-free pastry crust recipe but, just to save yourself some stress. Keep a backup plan ready just in case the crust does not turn out the way you expected it.
  • Don’t panic
    If the crust turns out just fine, follow the typical procedure of rolling the crust out into disks and preparing the pastry. If it does not, keep an open mind and prepare a nut-based or a cookie-based crust (using gluten free cookies).
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