6 enthralling reasons that make the Apple watch series 4 a head-turner

On the occasion of the great release of anticipated Apple devices, the Steve Jobs Theater Cupertino, California, had a concordance of mouths gasping. The annual event held on 12th September 2018 bared witness to the unveiling of a whole new release of series of devices from the giant technology company. What added to the fanfare was the flare of abounding rumors that surrounded the slew of models expected to be revealed at the event. Amidst much fanfare, products including the new iPad Pros, three new iPhones, new Macs, the Airpower, and the Apple Watch Series 4 were released on the big stage.

The Apple Watch Series 4 made for a big announcement at the ‘Gather Round’ event and successfully captivated the interest of Apple loyalists. Designed to satiate the needs of both, a smartphone and a fitness enthusiast, the smartwatch is bound to invoke a hanker among members of both the categories. The original Apple Watch was released in 2015 and had managed to create an instant stir among those who have always coveted gadgets from the reputed brand. Well, if your heart is already beating faster, let’s evaluate the corsage of features that are packed with the Apple Watch Series 4. Intriguing enough, the smartwatch can also tell if there is a fluctuation in your heart rate!

Without further ado, here’s looking at some notable features that set the Apple Watch 4 Series in a league of its own.

Bigger is better – A design treat!
Apple has stayed devoted to the design of the Apple watch, until this time. While there have been numerous speculations surrounding the round display of the watch, the same has not passed through with this model. However, this time around, there is a redesign of the square face that is pushed into a little bigger screen for slimmer bezels. What you get is an edge-to-edge display with rounded corners that curve towards the wrist. The new display really stands out and feels well-polished, visually striking is the term that suits its appearance best.

Faster processing
Apple keeps up with the growing millennial need for “faster is better.” The Apple Watch Series 4 is engineered with the new S4 silicon that packs a 64-bit dual-core processor. Thus, users can expect a performance that is two times better than that experienced with the predecessors of the Series 4 Watch. What’s more? There is a massive improvement in precision with the addition of the new accelerometer and gyroscope. This improved feature supports the emergency services carried by the device.

Workout chaperone
The Apple Watch Series 4 drifts away from the usual functions of a sports watch. The gadget employs fitness features that enable it to understand the varied ways of your high-degree workout, just like your trainer does. From setting up individual fitness goals and measuring the range of calories put down to keeping a track on the progress made over time, every metric is at your disposal. Truly, the best for the energetic lot!

Health helpmate
The predecessors of the gadget have successfully carved prowess in the game of fitness over the years. The Apple Watch Series 4 is now augmented into a heath mate that also serves through a plethora of medical insights. Adding to the marvels, the Series 4 can also run Electrocardiogram due to the electrodes in the digital crown and back plate. The device aims to take a further plunge and performs as an irregular heart rate monitor with the powerful S4 chip. Noteworthy, the improved sensors can also detect if the user has had a fall. The SOS advances an automatic emergency call if there is no movement beyond a minute. Of course, the device is not medically approved, but notifications can aid in regular satisfying checks, especially for the fitness aficionados.

Improved battery life
Thanks to the new S4 chipset situated inside the Apple Watch Series 4, the battery life has been improved and is better than before. The device comes with more number of shrunk components in the interior and this has aided in making the battery quite efficient. The device stays sturdy at the disposal of 18 hours of battery life, thus making for convenient ‘all-day’ usage. Given that the watch has so much to do under its hood, the battery hours are impressive.

Louder speaker than before
The Apple Watch Series 4 now sports a better and louder speaker than before. The device houses the microphone on the other side i.e. it is placed between the side button and the digital crown. Thus, the left side makes space solely for the speaker that works twice as louder. The better sound feature is especially significant for users who constantly speak on calls or use Siri.

The Apple Watch 4 Series is indubitably a carrier of major upgrades with the most notable of the lot being the enhanced display. The device has an enticing mix of features that do make it a worthy piece to carry home. The Apple Watch 4 Series no-LTE model will retail at $399, whereas the basic LTE model will be available for $499.

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