5 top selling cars to check out

You can either buy the car you have dreamed of or look for one that suits your requirements and budget. Or you can discuss your requirements with your friends and family for recommendations. If none of these help you to arrive at a decision, you can buy the best-selling car within your budget. A best-selling car implies that the car has already got a sample of approval from its users. Some of the best-selling cars include:

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry has been the country’s best-selling car for 19 consecutive years. Though SUVs sell more than cars, Camry remains steadfast in the number one position among cars. Sales of the Camry, redesigned in 2018, accommodating new technology and safety features, have only increased. The interiors have also been redesigned to look like a work of art. Toyota Camry is available in 6 trims. And with a base price of $32,720, the Camry, without a doubt, is a fantastic car to own.

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla has received so much love and continues to be an icon for reliability and affordability. It does not need extensive maintenance, and service costs are comparatively low. Toyota continues to upgrade the new models with advanced technology and safety features, including pre-collision detection systems, ten airbags, and backup cameras. An important reason for the popularity of the Toyota Corolla is its exceptional resale value as it continues to remain in demand. 

Honda Accord
The Honda Accord is the first choice for families who look for a safe and reliable sedan. It has comfortable seats and a spacious interior and is easy to drive to and fro for the family’s needs. It is affordable, and the riding comfort is so good that once you drive an Accord, you may be reluctant to shift your loyalties to any other car. The base price of the Honda Accord starts at $25,120. The base price of higher-end models is higher, and the cost of the Accord Touring starts at $38,050. It has a host of infotainment features with an 8-inch touchscreen and features like keyless entry, remote start, and a power moonroof.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y is lovingly referred to as the most American-made car in the country. Customers are beginning to show interest in buying cars entirely manufactured in the country. The Tesla Model Y stands out for its simple, elegant design that differentiates electric vehicles. Its popularity is also due to its sustainability. Tesla has ensured that the car remains sustainable without compromising on luxury features and comes in 3 trims starting at $62,990. Its driving range is 330 miles for a charge, its EPA is 127/111 mpg, and it has multiple safety features, including lane centering, blind spot monitoring, and park assist. 

Hyundai Tucson
The 2022 Tucson from Hyundai is a five-seater with an FWD drivetrain. The interior is spacious and comfortable for a family of five. Its interior is made with elegant and upmarket materials. The fully redesigned fourth-generation 2022 Tuscan is available in 8 trims, and the base price of Tucson begins at $24,950. It is very comfortable and provides a smooth ride, even on bumpy or cracked roads. The Hyundai Tucson’s safety features include lane departure warning, pre-collision warning, dual front-side mounted airbags, and stability control.

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