5 stylish plus-sized Instagrammers to follow

One of the best ways to get fashion inspiration for plus-sized clothing is to follow the Instagram page of some of the most amazing plus-sized bloggers and models. Their personal style and sartorial sense go beyond what brands generally put out. To get more out of plus-sized clothing than the conventional styles, check out these chic and stylish Instagrammers’ pages.

Chloe Elliot (@chloeincurve_)
Started by Chloe Elliot, Chloe in Curve began in 2014. This gorgeous Instagram page has now nearly 49.5K followers. Elliot is a stylist and has been awarded as the Fashion Influencer of the Year 2018 by Blogosphere. She is also an online content creator for BBC and BBC The Social. The aim of her Instagram page has been to share her unique sartorial style and make it inclusive and accessible to everyone, irrespective of shape or size. She also has a website where she writes about fashion revolving around plus-sized clothing.

Lauren Nicole (@laurennicolefk)
Lauren Nicole has been one of the most popular plus-size models. She has been featured in the Cosmopolitan and has worked with brands like Dorothy Perkins, Simply Be, Very, and Missguided. Nicole started off her fashion tryst with her blog The Fashion Killer. She was then found by an independent brand, 113, which makes plus-sized clothing. Nicole’s Instagram page now has nearly 12.9K followers. Her style ranges from classy to breezy.

Felicity Hayward (@felicityhayward)
One of the most well-known plus-sized models, Felicity Hayward has worked with some of the biggest brands like ASOS, Vogue, Missguided, and Yahoo Style. With nearly 204k followers on her Instagram page, Hayward shows the glamorous and chic side of plus size clothing. She also started the self.love.brings.beauty page on Instagram, which is an inclusive movement and campaign.

Sierra Holmes (@eclectickurves)
The person behind this wonderful Instagram page is Sierra Holmes, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. She started off with her personal style blog and now her Instagram page is steadily gaining popularity among those looking for fun everyday plus-sized clothing options. Her posts exude a lot of positivity and confidence as she shares her personal style involving a lot of wearable prints, colors, and silhouettes. Holmes adds her own fun twist to the clothes.

Rachel Richardson (@lovelyinla)
Rachel Richardson started her blog Lovely in LA in 2012. It began as a creative outlet for its creator, and now it is one of the most followed blogs for those looking for plus-sized clothing and everything fashionable in the plus/curvy market. Richardson’s style is chic sophistication. Her Instagram page has nearly 61K followers. She also works with brands to help them create better products for plus-sized consumers.

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