5 great benefits of slip resistant overshoes

Slip resistant shoes form a major part of one’s work protective health and safety kit. This is especially true if you perform manual or physical labor or you work in a construction environment. Particularly, if you work in a kitchen or a factory where the floor is often wet, these can be an important asset.
The best part about work resistant overshoes is that they can be worn over your normal work shoes. You can wear your most comfortable shoes and still remain protected from slips and falls. Besides this. overshoes have multiple benefits. Here are 5 great benefits of wearing slip resistant overshoes for work.

They Keep Your Shoes Protected
They act as covers over your ordinary work shoes, protecting your shoes from wear and tear. You can wear them to any work site and your shoes will still be protected. You can easily wear your shoes to any work site and ensure that they aren’t dirtied or damaged. This saves you money and hassle as you don’t have to replace shoes as often.

They Are Easy To Clean
The material most overshoes are made up of makes them very easy to clean. They are also easy to maintain. You can wipe them with a cloth; some are machine washable too. Plus, you don’t have to wash your work shoes; just the overshoe uppers. This is great in a kitchen environment when food may be dropped on your feet or shoes- especially for cleaning up greasy spills.

They Save Your Time
You simply slip into them and wear them over your regular work shoes. Additionally, you don’t have to go to your locker room to change into a new pair of shoes with these on you. You can carry them in your bag and weight-wise, one pair of these is much lighter than three to four pairs of your regular work shoes.

They Are Waterproof
These shoes are waterproof, 100%. You can work in wet environments without the fear of moisture clogging your work shoes or damaging the interiors. These will protect your entire work shoe. This also means your feet are less likely to get wet and damp, lessening the risk of smelly uncomfortable shoes. Most overshoes also protect your work shoes from dirt, mud, and dust, as well.

They Keep You Safe From Work Hazards
The most common injuries in workplaces result from slips, falls, and trips. Work overshoes keep you safe from hazards like these. Slip resistant shoes or overshoes have a strong tread which ensure a good grip on the ground. This makes sure you won’t slip or slide. A good way to tell if the overshoes are quality, is if their soles are flat. Flat overshoes are prone to slips, slides, and trails. You want a deep tread to ensure maximum stability.

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