5 dog friendly cottages you must take your dog to

Since time immemorial, no other creature has displayed as much unwavering affection and loyalty as dogs have. If you can spend every waking moment of your day with your dog, then why leave them behind when you’re going away on vacation? With dog-friendly cottages on the rise, you can take your four-legged friend with you on your escapades. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a month-long sojourn, many lodges and cottages have revised their polices and amenities in order to fit the dog-friendly’ bill.

Be it in small town or large cosmopolitan areas, cottages in the country have revved up their dog-friendly services in the past two decades. Dog-friendly cottages these days offer amenities like luxury dog beds, a four meal-course for your dog, a play area, dog toys, a dog friendly pool, a dog day-care centre (in case you decide to go sightseeing), dog grooming and styling salons and even a dog masseuse! The list mentioned below includes the most popular dog-friendly cottages in the country. Scroll down to locate a dog-friendly cottage near you!

Hotel Del Coronado

Beach Village, home of the original Dog Beach, is one of the most dog friendly places. The oceanfront villas are just walking-distance from the Coronado Dog beach. In addition to the standard dog friendly amenities, they have gourmet dog room service and Yappy Hour’ when owners and dogs can mingle on the deck.

Barnsley Resort

The Barnsley Cottage offers two private dog friendly cottages. Your dog can freely roam the extensive property of the resort while a furry’ godmother tends to the needs of your dog. At night, your dog can drift to sleep in his own dog-bed as the warmth from the private fireplace lulls him to sleep.

Calistoga Ranch

While your dog can’t partake in imbibing the best wine in the country, here at Napa Valley, he sure can get the best of the most dog friendly states in the USA. Upon arriving, your dog receives a wine bottle filled with dog treats and you will be given a guide to all the dog friendly establishments on the ranch.

Inn By The Sea

The Inn By The Sea, located in Portland, is renowned for being both eco friendly and dog friendly. To top that, they don’t charge a dime extra for being dog friendly. A host of other amenities like beach towels for your dog, special dog treats, and even a dog friendly day care for when you decide to explore Portland are also provided.

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