4 tips to check credit score

Did you know that you have more than a single credit score? Agencies calculate your credit score based on the data in your credit reports. If you are wondering, “where to get my credit score?,” there are three main credit reporting agencies. These can have different credit scores for you if your information on each of their credit reports is different. Also, these agencies charge a fee to reveal your credit score.

 Recently, it has become easier to track and get hold of your credit score without paying any fees. You can get it from your credit card company, your loan provider, and even from a non-profit counselor. Here are a few tips you can use to check your score. 

  • Contact a non-profit counselor
    You can contact a HUD-approved housing counselor or a non-profit credit counselor. They often aid in getting hold of credit reports and scores for free. Also, counselors can help review your score and help you improve your credit score.
  • Check loan statements or credit card statements
    Several major auto loan and credit card companies provide their customers with credit scores. It is usually dispatched on a monthly basis. You will find your credit score on the monthly statement. You can also log in to your online account to check your credit score. 
  • Use the services of the credit score agency
    A few websites and services often advertise about providing services for free credit scores. Most of these websites get funding through advertisements. So, they do not really need any fee to provide their services. However, there are some websites that may ask you to sign up by paying a subscription charge to provide you with your score. These websites may advertise free trials. Having said that, if you don’t cancel the services on time, you may end up paying for the “free” score. 
  • Purchase a score
    You can also buy a score from any of the credit reporting companies. You can purchase your score directly from the website of the credit score agency. You can also get hold of an education credit score offered by a few credit score sources. There is not much difference between the credit scores used by lenders and educational credit scores. These are pretty much close and are helpful as well. However, for some people, the difference between these two types of credit scores can be quite significant. In such cases, educational credit scores are as useful.
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