4 road warning signs everyone should know

Road caution signs are used to alert people of situations on the highway, intersections, or roads ahead. Warning signs are usually diamond-shaped, and their color specifies the type of message. Yellow is used for a general warning, while orange indicates construction work. Whether you drive regularly or you’re a passenger who commutes every now and then, knowing these four traffic warning signs can keep you and others safe.

  • Flagger ahead
    The flagger sign is used to alert commuters that a traffic guard will use flags to direct traffic on the road ahead. The sign also indicates that there are people at work in proximity to the traffic lane. When you see this symbol while driving, keep a safe pace, maintain distance between vehicles, and of course, look out for the flagger and the red flags they may be using to signal vehicles to slow down. The flagger sign is orange in color and will be placed far enough from the construction site to give you a heads up.
  • Lane reduction
    The lane reduction caution sign is put up on highways that have several lanes to tell the commuter that there will be a reduction in the lanes ahead. You will have to either enter another lane or let another automobile merge into your lane. This signboard is yellow in color, as it is a general warning sign. When you see it, remember to be patient and look on both sides for vehicles that may be moving towards you.
  • Crossroad ahead
    This warning sign is indicated by a black cross symbol on a yellow board. It warns you of a crossroad in the distance. Usually, traffic on the lanes will not be controlled by a traffic guard or signal, which means that you will have to drive slowly and stay cautious of vehicles that are crossing. In this case, use your judgment to know when to halt or cross, and look out for gestures, like a change in speed of other automobiles and their position on the road.
  • Shoulder work
    A shoulder work caution sign warns drivers that the road is being worked on, on the highway. This is necessary not only to protect drivers but also to ensure that the workers are safe. If the work is spread over several miles, then this sign will be placed after every one mile. As road work is considered a construction, the signboard will be orange in color.
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