4 reasons why T-mobile is one of the best

A few years ago, T-Mobile had almost disappeared from the market scene. A bad network led to the provider losing many customers. However, T-Mobile made a heroic comeback with a new look, stronger network, and polished services, and before you knew it, it became the leading carrier in the country.

T-Mobile makeover

The first thing that T-Mobile did was cut itself from the contract stigma that was driving its customers away. Second, it eliminated data overages and introduced cool plans that catered to its customers’ requirements. Adding the cherry on the top, T-mobiles sold smartphones in all price categories, presenting a wider range of options for buyers to choose from.

Today T-Mobile has launched some of the newest and best smartphones in the market. T-Mobile new phones are priced from lowest to highest.

T-Mobile plans

  • Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile has introduced an unlimited plan that is best suited for families. The plan allows the user to get as many as five lines or connections. The unlimited data plan is $70 per person and every additional line is charged at $50, $20, $20 and $20 respectively, making it $100 per month.

  • International Traveler Plan

T-Mobile has also rolled out the best international traveler plan under which the user gets unlimited text and 3G data in almost 100 countries. Calls are charged at 20 cents per minute. The perks of taking an international plan are that the user can access an hour of Gogo Internet on select flights.

  • T-Mobile Tuesdays

The newest and most popular offer that T-Mobile has introduced is T-Mobile Tuesdays. With this offer, the user or the subscriber gets free perks or discounts like vouchers or credits.

  • Prepaid option

For those, who do not want the hassle of getting into any plans, the T-Mobile new phones are prepaid ones where the user can load the amount they require and get activated. Under a prepaid plan, the data is capped and there are no overages. This lets users monitor their usage more effectively.

T-Mobile new phones are sold at T-Mobile outlets and even online. T-mobile is truly the country’s best unlimited phone service in terms of data and mobiles.

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