4 easy-to-use mobile phones for seniors

If you want a simple and basic phone for your grandparent, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best options to have a look at:

  • Jitterbug Smart

Jitterbug is a brand that offers the best to its seniors. It gives phones bundled with the best senior mobile phone plans. This model from the company offers a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, and easy access to medical and emergency services. The phone has a large display of 5.5 inches, making it convenient for elders to see and read. It also has a simple menu with all the important things organized as a list.

  • Emporia Smart

Emporia Smart is a blend of a smartphone and a basic cell phone. The phone is operated on Android and has a touchscreen. It comes with a keypad cover for anyone who prefers pressing buttons over tapping the screen. Like the previous one, this device has a simple menu and allows easy navigation, too. It comes with a stylus as well. Apart from all this, the phone has an emergency call button to help in times of crisis.

  • Samsung Galaxy J3

This model is not specifically designed for seniors but it has many features for their benefit. The phone comes with Easy Mode option that enlarges all the icons and keeps all the important things within easy reach. It makes management simple. The Galaxy J3 comes with a vibrant 5-inch Super AMOLED display that enhances the viewing experience. Buy this phone bundled with one of the best senior mobile phone plans to make the most of it.

  • Doro Liberto 825

This Doro phone is a simple device perfect for seniors. It offers smartphone-like features and enables easy navigation. The phone comes with an inbuilt app named My Doro Manager. The app will let you monitor the handset, manage settings, and also share apps remotely. This means you may help your grandparents even when you are not around. There are many senior mobile phone plans available that you may choose with this phone.

Depending on your needs and affordability, choose the best phone, tie it with some suitable senior mobile phone plans, and gift it to your grandparents or elderly parents.

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