4 Apps That Inform You About Interstate Traffic Conditions

Traffic has become the bane of our lives. Today, many cities are congested because almost everyone has a car, but there is no space to drive it. Most cities have more cars than needed because everyone wants to be comfortable while commuting. Due to this, citizens have to deal with congested streets and constant traffic jams. Thankfully, we now have some great apps that can tell us which road is blocked and guides us about alternative routes. Therefore, the next time you worry about interstate traffic conditions, use one of the apps mentioned below to reach your destination in a flash.

Waze is one of the top traffic apps because it provides the latest updates about interstate traffic conditions along with dependable driving directions. Waze also reads and stores data related to your drive and shares it with other Waze users on the same route. It records your speed, your route, and other factors that help users enjoy a comfortable journey. Waze is a user-driven app, where users come together to create data, report instances of traffic, discuss weather conditions, and note the presence of police officers. People can also chat with each other to get better updates. Along with traffic and driving guidelines, the latest update on Waze also helps you with parking.

Google Maps
Google Maps is a navigation and traffic app that is popular across the globe. This application is extremely user-friendly and so dependable that it gets more than a billion users per month. Google Maps is loaded with data about interstate traffic conditions and can help you reroute quickly in case of traffic or other delays. It also helps you with bus routes and walking directions.

INRIX is another great app that can give you updates about interstate traffic conditions. This app is supported by a cloud platform called Autotelligent. You will find it on the dashboard of cars from top brands like Porche and BMW. This app is proactive as it optimizes and reroutes your vehicle as and when needed. Just like Google Maps, this app is also capable of calculating the expected time of arrival (ETA) based on current traffic conditions and helps you make informed traveling decisions. What makes this app different from the ones mentioned above is that it captures the driver’s habits and uses that data to give route advice in the future.

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