3 work-from-home job ideas to earn extra income

Thanks to increasing the speed of the Internet, telecommuting or working from home has become quite prevalent. Zero commuting time, no office politics, no annoying interruptions from coworkers, no restricted and limited breaks, flexible work timings are just some of the attractive perks when you work from home. A majority of work from home jobs involve consultation work and freelancing work that requires you to work for a couple of hours. Such jobs can help you earn some supplementary income along with salary from your regular job. Here are five jobs that let you work from home and add a little bit extra cash to your pocket:

  1. Copy editing: If you are well-versed in all the grammatical aspects of the English language, you can do copy editing work from home. You can take up as much copy editing assignments that match your regular work schedule. The average pay for this work from home is about $30-$40 per hour.
  2. Online tutoring: If you are good in a particular subject or topic, you can give online tutoring to students based in remote locations. You can decide the time and the days you would be available to provide tutoring lessons depending on your availability. You can join an online tutoring website that will connect you with students who need help in the subject of your expertise. You can expect a payment of $10-$15 per hour.
  3. Customer service: This is one of the easiest mobile jobs to work from home. If you have a mobile phone or even a landline connection, you can work as virtual customer service executives an do these kinds of mobile work at home jobs. All you have to do is answer inbound calls from customers of brands or any service-based company. You need to commit a particular time of the day and ensure that you are available to answer calls. Executives are paid $8 to $15 for per hour of work.
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