3 safety harness products to consider buying

Safety harnesses are the most important pieces of protective equipment if you are working in the construction industry, particularly at a height. They ensure your safety while working at a height and protect you from falling. With a wide range of options available at safety harness stores, making the right choice may be difficult. Here, we have listed a few products that you may consider purchasing from a nearby or online safety harness store.

Safety harness products to consider purchasing
Here are some Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-compliant safety harnesses, which can be handy for you and your workers to do the tasks without any risks of injuries.

Series 3 Harness by Guardian Fall Protection
This full-body harness provides the worker at height an additional measure of performance and comfort. It has some promising features. It has contrasting core webbing that makes any damage easily visible. This improves the process of inspection. Moreover, it is water-repellent and has five adjustment points. Its snap-on shoulder pads enhance comfort and can be removed for washing. With a capacity ranging between 130-420lb, this product from Guardian Fall Protection meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. It is available online at an approximate range between $50 to $100.

WeldTech Harness #7039 by FallTech

When you come across this safety harness product on digital platforms, you get the option to choose the size required. The three available alternatives include XX-Large, X Large, and One-Size-Fits-All. This product from FallTech is non-belted and standard. It has friction roller adjusters that offer easy adjustment of the upper body. Its other specifications include two lanyard keepers, five-point adjustability, and three D-rings on the side and back. Its OSHA user capacity ranges from 130lbs to 425lbs, while its ANSI user capacity is between 130lbs to 310lbs. This product meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. It is available online at a starting cost of $356.

Miller Revolution Harness™ by Honeywell
This safety harness equipment has a cradle seat and tongue buckle. It has an adjustable chest strap and padding for the upper back. The size variants available with this product include extra-large and large. The other offerings of this product are quick-release cam buckles for adjustment with one hand, a PivotLink connection design for bending mobility, and a semi-flexible back shield for protective impact resistance. This product meets all the necessary ANSI and OSHA requirements. You can buy it online for around $250.

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