3 popular kids clothing brands that combine style and comfort

There are a plethora of clothing brands that cater to men and women; in fact, you’ll witness a galore of exclusive plus size stores and for men in recent times, stores that carry sizes for tall women, big kids, and people who can’t just pick anything off the rack. This is indicative of the fact that brands have now extended the style quotient to all their clothing lines to include people of different sizes and ages. This is one of the major reasons why you’ll see clothing brands churning out the kids’ clothing in a manner similar to that of adults. Gone are the days when the only options for your child were uncomfortable, puffy frocks or plain cotton sets. These days even kids have a sense of style and when allowed to pick their own outfit, their selection of clothes will leave you awestruck.

So, if you wish to buy amazing clothes for your little one, you can opt for some of the best clothing brands for kids. They are as follows:

Gymboree has been making sure kids dress according to the latest trends since 1986. You can find this brand at 600 locations in the country and even in Canada, or you can shop from the online store. Though Gymboree is one of the best clothing brands for kids, it is quite affordable. In fact, it even allows parents to try their hand at mix-and-match techniques as these clothes are meant to be worn that way. This brand focuses on kids up to the age of 12 and you can shop for all types of clothes from here, from casual basics to trendy holiday dresses.

Egg by Susan Lazar is for fashionable mothers who desire their babies to flaunt equally amazing clothes. All the baby and children’s clothes are made of natural fabrics and have clean modern designs; not to mention that this kids’ clothing line is incredibly affordable. If you decide to shop at Egg, you’ll be buying fashionable, timeless clothes for your baby that are of the highest quality.

Tea Collection
Here’s a clothing brand that brings the beauty of international cultures and modern design to your child’s clothes. The clothes crafted here are globally inspired, well-made, and exquisite. You can shop for everything at Tea Collection; right from signature girls dresses and leggings to the bold and vibrant graphic tees and pants for boys, you can buy it all here at the right price. Tea Collection even has cute rompers and bodysuits for babies and newborns!


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