3 common mistakes parents must avoid during babycare

Babies bring unimaginable joy and warmth into their parents’ lives. However, raising a baby is just as physically and emotionally draining as rewarding for parents, especially first-timers. All parents make certain mistakes while caring for their babies, no matter how much time they dedicate to their precious bundle of happiness. There’s no shame in making errors during baby care if parents can correct them. Some common mistakes are listed below.

Not letting the baby cry it out
A common misconception many parents may have about infants, especially newborns, is that their crying translates to hunger, irritation, or pain. Parents tend to believe that their mistakes are making their baby cry. Babies cry because it is just what they do. A baby can be adequately fed and diapered, and they may still cry for no reason. When it comes to newborn babies, crying is a sign of breathing. However, if a baby cries continuously for an hour, then the parents will need to visit their local pediatrician to get them checked for a rash, a swollen belly, a fever, or other health conditions. However, by and large, a crying baby is not a sign of trouble.

Ignoring oral care
This oversight from parents can become problematic for their child’s oral health later on. Essentially, babies need as much dental and oral care as adults. Therefore, regularly wiping the baby’s gums with a soft cotton cloth after every meal is a must-do for parents. Also, parents must ensure their baby is routinely hydrated to keep their mouth and throat moist.

Adjusting diapers too much or too little
While putting on a diaper on a baby, the parent must fasten it properly. It is done to secure the diaper around the baby’s body. However, if the diaper is too tight, it will affect blood circulation in the baby’s body. But, on the other hand, if it is too loose, the diaper will be on the floor in no time. Therefore, correctly adjusting a baby’s diaper is key to keeping them comfortable.

When it comes to changing diapers, parents should avoid putting them on their babies while they are resting on a carpet or bed. Such soft surfaces lead to squirmy bodies and huge messes. Instead, parents need to use portable changing mats to avoid taking their baby to a nursery for every change.

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