3 best identity protection services

Identity fraud is one of the most common types of cyber threats that individuals and corporations face on a daily basis. Hackers and identity thieves can access, download, and manipulate sensitive information for their personal gain making identity protection a must-have service.

Your digital identity, if compromised, can be used to steal money, take out loans, and authorize financial transactions in your name. The damage is already done to a significant extent by the time you realize your identity has been compromised.

Some of the best identity theft protection services will offer tools that safeguard your identity against hacks and intrusions. Identity protection proves to be a beneficial investment as it also offers monitoring services for your credit report with major credit bureaus. The services perform common identity scans across public databases to check for any fraudulent use of your digital identity and notify in case of any discrepancies.

The 3 best identity theft protection products and services
The first step in identity protection is to secure your credit information with all major credit bureaus to ensure there is no misuse of your financial information. Most services will offer comprehensive protection for single users to secure information online, monitor activity, and detect any possible theft and misuse.

Identity Guard
One of the best identity theft protection product that offers comprehensive support to protect your information online. Identity Guard offers protection from synthetic ID theft, child ID theft, new account fraud, credit card fraud, account takeover fraud, and even tax fraud. Common monitoring systems provide artificial intelligence support, case management, risk management, and mobile application monitoring. The product also effectively detects any personal information misuse, tracks high-risk transactions, monitors bank account takeovers, and blocks sudden requests to open savings and checking accounts without authorization. Moreover, Identity Guard offers credit score protection, real-time alerts for changes made in your credit information, and provides access to your annual credit report. You can choose from three different packages available including value, total, and the premier package. The price range is between $8.99 and $34.99 per month depending on the package you nominate.

The product is considered among the best identity theft protection services for providing comprehensive support for affordable pricing. It is also the only service that offers access to expert licensed private investigators to help track and restore your stolen identity. Although IDSheild monitors your credit from one of the major credit bureaus only, the services offered for information monitoring and recovery makes it worth the investment. The product includes basic protection features for ID monitoring, fraud alerts, consultation, credit freeze, recovery, and restoration all backed up by a $5 million service guarantee for customer satisfaction. The guarantee barrier is yet to be broken as IDShield manages to deliver on its promise time and time of being the best identity theft protection service in the market. IDShield mainly offers two distinct plans and pricing options for both single and multiple users. For just under $10 per month, you can purchase the basic plan for a single user or pay approximately $19.95 to cover multiple users.

Identity Force
The product offers an UltraSecure and Credit combo that maximizes its potential. The Identity Force unique combo offers daily monitoring across all three credit bureaus. Basic services include identity monitoring, fraud alerts, assistance for a credit freeze, reimbursement insurance of up to $1 million in case of theft, and assistance for identity recovery. Identity Force also features public record checks for similar offenses and offers a support staff for restoration and recovery assistance. The product can also take pre-emptive actions combined with automatic processing to protect your personal data and prevent any misuse of sensitive information. Among basic services, customer support is important and Identity Force offers 24/7 support for grievance redressal. You can purchase the ultra-secure version for a monthly charge of $17.95 or opt for the ultra-secure credit option for $23.95 per month. An array of features offered for an affordable price makes Identity Force one of the best identity theft protection services among popular alternatives.

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