11 facts about North Face

North Face is a highly popular brand that has been selling clothes, jackets, and backpacks for over 50 years now. They have new and innovative technologies with they use to make products that are extremely comfortable.

The Reason For North Face’s Popularity
They are a brand which is in constant contact with the experts and professionals to make jackets that are of the best quality. North Face outlets are frequented by top-class athletes and the jackets are made with their inspiration and recommendations.

Here are 11 facts about North Face that you were probably not aware of:

  • The store is known for its association with rock-n-roll. The ties date back to 1966 when the first North Beach ski shop was opened. The founders Doug and Susie Tompkins actually booked California legends The Grateful Dead to play on their opening night.
  • Before North Face opened up, people had to buy their stuff from military stores. They typically had army/navy stuff. 1966 was when North Face was opened and people finally bought clothes that were not olive green.
  • The company typically invented backpacking. They were the first ever company to invent and sell backpacks. Before that, people just went camping. North face sold tents, sleeping bags, and clothes that were so light in weight that people started venturing into forests and hills.
  • Northface was originally a retail store that sold skiing, mountaineering and camping supplies. Only when the company expanded did they start manufacturing. Their first factory was in Berkeley.
  • The logo of the brand isn’t just some abstract design. There was a lot of effort put into designing it. The idea behind it was that the north face of the mountains in the northern hemisphere is generally much colder. They are also technically challenging to climb due to the lack of sun.
  • One of the CEO’s of the company was Jim Fifield who used to play his tunes to the staff working in North Face when they were on ski trips. There was always music playing the warehouses and the factories.
  • North Face supplies the US Marine with tents. The tents are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Their tents are known for their great quality.
  • The company had guides available from their stores which served the California mountaineering guide service. The CEO was also a part of this expedition.
  • In 1975, the company used architect Buckminster fuller’s designs to make their tents. The same design is used till today.
  • The company actually survived and avoided bankruptcy because of their line of jackets, hoodies, and backpacks.
  • The company sponsors tons of athletes and also provides scholarships. It is also a very popular brand in the music industry.

This fascinating company has been around for 5 decades now and is still going strong.

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